Katrina Rude, LMT, LAMT, CEISP

Katrina Rude grew up in the Columbia River Gorge, amongst many animals. She graduated from Three Oak’s Academy in Boise, Idaho. with a National Board Certification for Therapeutic massage and Bodywork and attended The Equine Natural Movement School in Battle Ground Washington, where she received National certification as a Large Animal Massage Therapist and Equine Structural Integration Practitioner. She is the developer of a new massage technique called Equine Structural Balance. Katrina recently moved back to the Columbia River Gorge to join the Columbia Veterinary Hospital and pursue her love of mixed animal rural practice. She especially enjoys large and small animal bodywork and working with Horses to help improve overall performance health. Outside of work, Katrina enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband in the outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping, and spending time with her two horses; Rex and Blitz, and her yellow lab Brodie.

What is Structural Integration and Balance?

Structural integration and balance works to lengthen, stretch, and soften facia to restore, postural, balance, extension, and spring to movement. When body support is lacking, tissues, and their related muscles, compensate by showing up specific areas in an effort to deal with these vulnerabilities. The body then becomes a negotiation of compensations and conflicting tensional strains. This natural response to imbalance and instability is also the body’s attempt to support itself against the ever present forces of gravity. Structural Integration and balance, is designed to create, sustainable change, going beyond merely treating the symptoms, and having long lasting results.