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Ambulatory Services

We have 2 fully stocked veterinary vehicles to provide services to large and small animals at your farm or home. Please call the clinic to check if this is appropriate for your animal’s services.

Treatment Area & ICU

In the event your pet is injured or sick, we provide a spacious and clean hospitalization area for their treatment. This space is centrally located in our hospital for better monitoring and improved patient outcomes


Our hospital is equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory that allows us to run multiple chemistry panels, CBC, fibrinogen, and blood clotting times within minutes. This allows for faster diagnosis and treatment of your pet.

Large Animal Barn

Our barn is climate controlled and complete with specialized flooring, hard-mounted stocks, and several 12 x 12 stalls for day/ overnight care. We are set up to care for your large animal.

Surgical Suite

Our surgical suite is a dedicated space, used for sterile surgery only. Our equipment includes a heated surgical table, an anesthesia monitoring system, and a surgical vessel sealing system that decreases surgical time and risk.


We have a well-stocked pharmacy so that we can begin prompt treatments for your pet once a diagnosis has been reached.

Radiology & Ultrasound

Our hospital has high-resolution Doppler ultrasound available for thoracic and abdominal studies. Large animal ultrasound is also available for reproductive and limb studies.

Dental Suite

Our suite is a purpose dedicated space for small animal dentistry. It is equipped with digital dental radiography, patient warming system, high-speed dental machine, and state-of-the-art anesthesia monitoring equipment